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Somatic Therapy

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You are a whole being- mind, body, and spirit.

Somatic therapy helps you to reconnect with the different parts of yourself.

We often retreat from our bodies when emotions begin to pique.

We distract; we disengage; we retreat to our minds.

I believe there is a reason we refer to emotions as feelings.

Somatic therapy is about helping you feel your emotions.

Emotions are neither good or bad; they simply are.

They provide us with information about our experience.

It’s unhelpful to try to tune them out.

Our bodies receive information long before our minds.

Our bodies are in constant communication with our brains.

It’s time to tune in to those messages.

Meet Bree

I’m Dr Bree Shelby, PhD

Psychological Associate in Paducah, KY

Our bodies works hard to protect us.

They hold our experiences and stories which become patterns by which we think and act, the lens through which we see the world.

If we experience hard stuff when we are children, the stories our bodies hold become patterns that may not feel so good or may no longer be helpful for us.

Somatic therapy provides tools and resources for working with the body to rewrite some of the stories and reprogram the patterns that are hurtful or no longer serving us.

By guided reconnection to the body and the body’s systems and patterns, you can learn to create safety and self-regulate.

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Dr. Bree Shelby, PhD