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Therapy for Anxiety

Psychologist in Paducah, KY
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You’re constantly on edge, bracing for the worst.

You can’t relax. You can’t let go. All this tension is weighing you down.

It’s like your mind is on a constant loop of worst-case scenarios.

You’ve tried everything, and yet you’re still stuck in the same never-ending pattern.

That little voice inside you tells you not to get too comfortable…

It tells you that you’re a fraud.

You know something has to change.

The days are filled with worry, and the nights bring little relief.

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, your anxiety is there to knock you back down.

It’s an unwanted houseguest who has way overstayed its welcome.

The time has come to show your anxiety who’s boss.

The truth is your anxiety isn’t the enemy.

Are you ready to befriend your anxiety?

Meet Bree

I’m Dr Bree Shelby, PhD

Psychological Associate in Paducah, KY

I believe your anxiety can be an ally. It can help alert us and keep us safe.

It’s just a liiiiittle overzealous sometimes.

The key is discovering when to listen to our anxiety and when to tell it to take a back seat.

Your anxiety is a part of you, and it’s not going anywhere, but it doesn’t have to control your life.

Let me show you how to take back control from your anxiety.

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Dr. Bree Shelby, PhD